Palm Springs Art Pottery

Ardmore Pottery

Art pottery has become one of the most important and popular forms of art collecting. Many types are very affordable, and collectors everywhere are searching for art pottery treasures. There is something for everyone from the beginner on a limited budget all the way up to museum pieces with prices going into the thousands.

Art Pottery has been defined as ceramic objects made of earthenware, stoneware or porcelain created with an artistic and decorative intent.

Some of the most well known and sought after pottery include Bauer, Brush-McCoy, Peters & Reed, Weller, Roseville and so many more.

American art pottery studios that are among the most popular include Paul Revere, Rookwood, Grueby Faience, Dedham, Volkmar, and Taco.

Longtime art pottery aficionados are always on the lookout for beautiful examples to add to their collections and we are here to help.

Design in art pottery is not nearly as restricted as it is in china made for the table. All-over colored glazes, modeling and incised-pattern effects are much used. The color effects that can be obtained with glazes is much more varied than in the case of china for the table. There are some stupendous examples that rely on form and glaze for their beauty and artistic effects.

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